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Work-life Harmony courses

Work-life harmony allows us to decrease stress, increase productivity, and reinvigorate our joy for life.

This topic is relevant to all, whether we are employed half or full time, a full or part time student, or a stay at home parent or caregiver to a loved one.

Self-Paced work-life Harmony Courses

By December 2021, eight 60 to 90 minute long webinars will be available to purchase individually or as a bundle. Topics will include: stress and burnout, meditation, time management, sleep, organization, and habit creation.

Work-Life Harmony Intensive

Beginning January 2021, a 12 month work-life harmony intensive will launch with monthly virtual webinars on timely topics, question and answer live streams, and a Facebook support group for accountability and additional learning. There will be 20 spots available for $160 for access for an entire year.

To be notified as course offerings open, please fill out the contact form below.