Program Support

Health Promotion Trainings

Program Managemnt

Running a small business or nonprofit and need additional assistance? This service provides an array of activities, such as communications management, stakeholder recruitment and engagement, website and social media management, and content creation.

Young and small nonprofits will also benefit from additional services, such as grant writing and program evaluation, to further drive their mission.

Writing Services

Writing services includes original writing needs, such as program brochures, program or organizational newsletters, website or blog content development, and annual reports, as well as grant reports.

Work-Life Harmony Workshops

Focused on work-life harmony, Tabitha Reefer Consulting provides workshops for higher education institutions, corporate organizations, and professional groups on a variety of topics, such as meditation, stress management, sleep, and goal setting. Workshops are held via webinar or in-person (if in the San Diego area). The workshops can be tailored to the needs of your organization, including a workshop on a single topic or multiple sessions to give a fully immersive educational experience on a work-life harmony lifestyle. Click here for an informational flyer and sneak peek of a class.

Workplace culture Train the Trainer

This option is available for non-profit organizations. This service works with the organization’s Human Resources Team to educate them on the health and lifestyle topics of their choice to create their own sessions for their staff. These trainings can be held in-person or virtually.

Additional Topics

Tabitha Reefer Consulting is able to take your content and create a curriculum that fits the needs of your organization. Tabitha has developed a curriculum for audiences from preschool-aged children to adults.

For businesses, Tabitha Reefer Consulting can develop workshops on health and lifestyle on topics of your choice. These workshops can be used to educate the staff on information to create a more positive workplace culture, as well as a healthier habits outside of work.