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Balancing Your LIfe

“Balancing your life” Free Lunch & Learn Series:

From concerns with the pandemic, parents becoming teachers overnight due to school closures, financial stress from unemployment, and an array of other factors, 2020 was a year of stress and uncertainty. However, it did give us an opportunity to reflect on ways to bring balance to our lives moving forward into 2021. 

Supported by a grant awarded by Armstrong County Memorial Hospital Foundation, Lenape Tech Adult Education in cooperation with Penn State New Kensington is excited to host public health consultant Tabitha Reefer, who will be presenting a free interactive Lunch & Learn 8-part series on Balancing Your Life.  By participating in monthly 1-hour long live remote webinars, participants will learn skills to implement in their daily life to lead to increased productivity, improved mental health and feelings of well-being, better sleep and mood, and more time for activities that they enjoy.

Managing a balance in your life and refocusing your priorities can improve your everyday stress levels and bring joy into your life. Whether you are employed half or full time, a full or part time student, or a stay at home parent or caregiver to a loved one, you will benefit from this series as you strive towards physical and mental wellness.

Beginning March 8, 2021, webinars will be held on the second Monday of each month from March to October from 12pm-1pm EST. Each webinar will explore topics such as burnout, stress management, sleep, as well as other relevant and valuable topics. Each session is free of charge, but will require participants to register in advance so that materials may be provided in a timely manner.

For more information on how to register for this free webinar series, please contact Lenape Tech’s Adult Education office at 724-763-5915, or email

The series schedule is:

  • March 8th: Let’s Talk About Burnout
    • To start off the series, this class will focus on an introduction to burnout and stress and its effect on one’s body, as well as an introduction to bringing balance to one’s life.
  • April 12th: Managing Stress with Mindfulness
    • In this class, participants will learn about mindfulness, the physiological benefits of meditation, and participate in a meditation practice.
  • May 10th: Helpful Habits for Stress Management 
    • Participants will learn to manage stress through time management and physical activity. This will include an in-class exercise on finding time to incorporate a habit that would be beneficial to their mental health.
  • June 14th: Sleep for a Healthy Mind and Body 
    • Lack of sleep can have serious short and long term consequences. In this class, participants will learn about the impact of sleep on their minds and body, as well as ways to improve one’s sleep habits. 
  • July 12th: Decluttering Your Life
    • Physical and mental clutter can amplify the feeling of loss of control. During this class, participants will learn ways to objectively declutter their physical and mental space. 
  • August 9th: A Family Affair
    • Parents are the keyholders to ensure their family’s balanced life. Participants will learn their impact as a role model to their children and ways to discuss stress and set goals as a family. 
  • September 13th: Crucial Conversations at Home and Work 
    • This class will be focused on conversations with one’s significant other to ensure both partners are finding balance in their lives. This will also include conversations to have with one’s supervisor to ensure a positive work-life environment.
  • October 11th: Creating and Maintaining Goals 
    • To wrap up the series, participants will learn about SMART goal setting techniques and habit creation. Participants will be asked to create goals during an in-class exercise.